Value for money private tuition

Rolling monthly contract

Pay by Direct Debit

Our Tuition is great. Our pricing is simple:

Visit our centre to set up your membership  >>  Set up your Direct Debit  >>  Pick your sessions!

Leap Tutoring is Ofsted registered; this means you can use Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers or tax credits to pay towards the tuition.

What is included?

We will work with you to tailor lessons to your child. We also love to hear what your child wants to work on and develop. As a result, we can adapt our teaching delivery to your child’s specific requirements and make the learning more engaging for them.

After each session the Tutor will write a short report to keep a log of your child’s progress. Parents can access the reports online in their login area. Finally, our Centre Manager can meet you for updates on what you would like your child to develop.


Once you have signed up there is no minimum term. After your first Direct Debit is paid, you can book your child into their favourite sessions every week. If your circumstances change, just let us know, we’ll do the rest!

Tutors Association
Children's Univsersity
Living Wage Employer