Maths tutors in Sheffield

Our Qualified teachers help primary school children improve their skills through engaging maths practice and games


Our maths tuition programme is written by qualified teachers to make sure it is always relevant to the national curriculum. Our sessions are packed with quality content, but also made sure that it is always engaging and fun for learners.

  • Qualified teachers
  • Follows the national curriculum
  • Engage your child with learning through participation, maths games and 1-to-1 tutor support.
  • Parents and children report improvements within the first weeks.

Some love maths, some not so much. At Leap, we make the tutoring inclusive and, by using common interests and the problem solving nature of children, we build their confidence in using maths principles and methods to solve problems.

Our sessions are not based on online exercises or worksheets. Our learners are given time, attention and encouragement by their maths tutor during the sessions to gain knowledge and understanding. We believe that giving the opportunity to engage with their peers and maths tutors, offers irreplaceable interactions for learners to improve their understanding and maths skills.

We run two types of Maths sessions; introduction and practice.


Introduction Sessions

Some maths concept can be difficult to understand the first time round; we have all been there! For children who are new to a subject or haven’t quite grasped it yet, Leap sessions are perfect to be given the support your child need when they hit a bit of a hurdle. This builds confidence in grasping a concept or to progress quicker to the next step, hopefully toward the top of their class.


Practice and Performance Boosting

We run lots of sessions where our learners can build up their skills in all areas of maths which the curriculum demands. In these sessions they spend time with the Tutor and Teaching Assistant to work up from their current level to the next step in their progress.

The human interaction during sessions at Leap mean that we can identify quickly which areas of learning your child would benefit the most from, and instantly provide 1-to-1 help from our qualified teachers.

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