Small group tutoring from Qualified Teachers for children in Key Stage 2

About Leap


We started Leap Tutoring in 2017 as we knew we could offer a different type of tuition service to children. One that provides a more positive and inclusive approach to learning drawing on the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Each child understands, processes and applies information in a different way. We understand this and have designed our programme to ensure that all abilities and learning styles are catered for in our lessons. It might be that you have noticed that your child needs some extra support with a particular subject or, they have begun to lose interest or confidence in maths for example, or they would benefit from some help to prepare for an exam.

Whatever the reason is for wanting your child to have tuition you will not be disappointed by Leap. The best and most rewarding aspect of our job is seeing each child who starts at Leap grow in confidence and in their enjoyment of learning.



Leap tutoring = positive + confidence building + happy + higher achiever + study skills



Who We Are


The Leap team has more than 20 years’ experience in providing tuition across the UK. The centre manager, Gerard, has over 12 years working in/running a specialist support service for disabled and dyslexic students in higher education. Our teachers are all former primary schools teachers or private study skills tutors and our teaching assistants are all currently studying at university. 


Why Leap Works


Leap works because each of our sessions are small study groups, taught by real teachers. All our sessions are delivered in person not online as we believe, and know from our experience, learners benefit more from personal tutoring. The teacher is able to motivate and give the child instant feedback or support. The sessions allowing us to focus on the individual child giving them a personal learning experience that is not achievable through online programmes.


Leap Lessons


Our lessons/sessions have been designed and are delivered by Leap teachers to focus on the child rather than the child having to fit around the subject. Each lesson includes one teacher supported by a teaching assistant. The maximum number of students to each lesson is 12. This ensures that each child is getting personal and focused attention in an environment that encourages social interactions and confidence building. The lesson plan is available to view on the Parent Portal. All subject follow the National Curriculum and ensure the following key objectives:

  • Listening and observing
  • Understanding and conceptualising
  • Doing and experimenting:
  • Explaining and confirming


Leap Resources


All member have access to the Leap Portal. This purpose build online resource provides parents will an easy to use booking and payment system. Its features also allow you to view and print reports on your child’s progress. 

Lower KS2 tuition classroom
Leap Tutoring
Upper KS2 tuition classroom

Our Tuition is great. Our pricing is simple.


No sign-up fee ∙ No fixed contract ∙ Regular reports from the Tutors

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Leap Tutoring is Ofsted registered; this means you can use Tax-Free ChildcareChildcare Vouchers or tax credits to pay towards the tuition.

Four sessions each month:

£65 per month

Eight sessions each month:

£119 per month
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