Back to school tips

Leap Tutoring’s 7 tips to start the school year on the right foot.


First of all, summer holidays are a well-deserved break for school children. Some manage to fit in some revision work, some keep up the learning through activities, while some just switch off and enjoy. With the weather we had, we can’t blame them!

But all good things have an end and we are now indeed in Back-to-School mode. The good news is; it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A bit of planning goes a long way to help children approach the new school year and the change of routine with confidence and enthusiasm. There is a lot to look forward to after all!

If you have not started yet, research and discuss extracurricular activities. Finding the right balance between exercising both body and brain is critical to well-being. Certainly, Tutoring when done well can be the perfect link between the two. With 25% using private tuition in the UK*, it is perfect for pupils wanting some extra help, building confidence, or new learning challenges.

Furthermore, pressures of the new academic year can get to the best pupils. In order to achieve and enjoy, it is important to address a few basics…

Enter our 7 tips!

  1. Get into a routine. As a result, have less stress and more focus.
  2. Gear up. Have all the tools for work and play.
  3. Confidence and independence. “Learning to learn” and study skills are very helpful.
  4. Spot early signs of struggle (is your child getting quiet, upset, frustrated?)
  5. Be organised. likewise, planning is a good way to feel in control.
  6. Be sociable, curious and positive. It’s contagious!
  7. A good work-life balance starts at school. Make sure fresh air, and exercise is part of your weekly schedule.

Finally, don’t wait for signs of academic difficulties to start seeking help. If you are in Sheffield you are in luck, Leap Tutoring will help your child enjoy learning and is offering a FREE trial to see for yourselves.

Have a good September!